Citizens For an Independent Hoxie
(This is NOT an official page for the city of Hoxie)


Hoxie, Arkansas lies in far Western reaches of the Central Mississippi Delta near the foothills of the Ozark Mountains. Hoxie is a quiet, self-sustaining residential city interested in providing it's citizens the best possible services along with the highest quality supporting benefits available.

Growth in population (year 1990 - 2676 to year 2000 - 2817 or 5.3%) as well as business growth is sustainable. 

Population adjacent to Hoxie is:
- within a 2 mile radius - 8,000
- within a 15 mile radius - 16,000
- within a 30 mile radius - 150,000

Hoxie is the crossroads for major highways (US 63 & US 67) and railways (Burlington Northern / Santa Fe & Union Pacific). 

Hoxie Public School is widely accepted as one of the best educational facilities in the area. Several teachers as well as students have recently received national recognition in both academic and extra curricular activities.

Hoxie is well represented by the religious community with 8 churches of various faiths.

Recreational activities in the Hoxie area include excellent fishing and boating, duck & goose hunting and white tail deer hunting.