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Tidbits of Hoxie's History


  • Electricity came to the roundhouse in 1904, and the yard lamps were electrified around 1910.

  • Lucian Warner's Drug Store received its first soda fountain which was ice cooled, in 1916.

  • The Little Jack Bottling Works operated in Hoxie in the early 1900's. J.E. Wood managed the plant for Harry Boas Sr.

  • The 15th Commencement Exercises of HHS were held Thursday, May 21,1936. Class members were Cecil Atkinson (valedictorian), Leo Crigler, John W. Goodwin, Louie Gullett, Hubert Hutsell, Carrington Hudson, Tommy Hutchison, N.V. Hutchison, Josephine Inman, Evelyn Kapales (salutatorian), Carrol McCarroll, Mildred, Raines, Paul Roberts, Betrice Selsor, Edith Smith and Eugene Wyatt.

  • The motto chosen by HHS's class of 1936 read, "We've crossed the Bay, and the Ocean lies before us."

  • Hoxie was formed out of a misjudgment on the part of Walnut Ridge as to the location of a railroad intersection.

  • The "Bono Curve" resulted in the Frisco line due to the railroad intersection being placed where Hoxie is now.

  • In 1932 the "Law and Order League" was formed in Hoxie to enforce the blue law. Lucian Warner was arrested, tried and fined $50 for selling a cigar to a police officer on Sunday in his drug store.

  • John and Annie Gibson built the English-Tudor home on Texas Street in the early 1930's. It was rented by a truck stop in the late 60's and was rescued by Bama Hacker Fouts Smith in 1971. She named the place "Baskerville."

  • In 1922 the first gravel road was constructed between Walnut Ridge and Hoxie. It is now called Highway 67.

  • In 1925 the Hoxie school board was composed of Ralph Lehman, Charlie Bassett, E.M. Brasfield, A.G. Allbright and Lucian Warner.

  • From 1927 to 1937 tennis was a great social event in Hoxie. Lucian Warner owned and operated the courts with matches held each night at 8 P.M.

  • Ebbie Pringle, son of Dr. J.E. Pringle, after assuming management of Hoxie's first drug store, hired Lucian Warner to be his assistant. In 1925 Lucian became a pharmacist and in 1927 took over sole ownership of the store.

  • In 1903 a group of eleven led by Rev. G.S. Morehead established the Hoxie Methodist Church. They planted an acorn to signify new growth at the church's first location.

  • On April 11, 1974 Mayor Jerry Flippo performed a ribbon cutting ceremony at the new Citizens National Bank  branch (now Community Bank) on Texas Street in Hoxie.

  • The expenditures of Hoxie School District for the 1937-1938 fiscal year was $6,075.61 and receipts were $3,920.91.

  • In the 1920's Warner's Drug Store held a doll contest for local youngsters.

  • On June 29, 1904 the Y. M. D. Club hosted a " Social Dance" at the Hoxie School House.

  • Banks operated in Hoxie from 1904 until 1932. They had survived tornadoes and fire but the depression and drought forced the Bank of Hoxie to close. It was not until 1974 when the Citizens branch was opened, that Hoxie had another.

  • Telephone numbers from 1925 that were posted by the telephone at Warner's Drug Store included those for the Bank of Hoxie, Barnes Ice Cream Co., Grimes Manufacturing Co., Dr. W. Hartman, Hoxie Lumber Co., Dr. J. C. Hughes, Dr. J. C. Land, Lawrence Hotel, Dr. J. L. Merrell, Ozark Service Station, P. Jerrell Grocery Co., Red Star Station, Ring's Service Station, Dr. H. R. McCarroll, Dentist O. W. Swicord Dr. C. C. Townsand.