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Transportation Hoxie is centrally located allowing travel to about anywhere in a quick and efficient manner.

Hoxie is the crossroads for Highways 63 (SouthEast-NorthWest), 67 (North - South) and 412 (East - West). Access to these cross county highways is gained within the Southern Hoxie City limits.Hoxie is also the crossroads for two (2) major rail lines; the Union Pacific (North - South) and the BNSF (East -West).   In fact railways were the instigating factor in the existence of Hoxie.Within two (2) miles an airfield is available with a 6000 feet concrete reinforced runway, commercial air travel in available within 23 miles with unlimited air travel available at Memphis, Tennessee (95 miles)and Little Rock, Arkansas(125 miles).Freight can be processed by water at a distance of 35 miles.



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