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Since the arrival of two transcontinental railroads in the late 1870s, Hoxie has been the hub of rail and highway systems in North Central Arkansas. Hoxie is ideally located to meet the needs of corporate America with global ties. Located at the intersection of the north-south Interstate 67 and the east-west Interstate 63 / 412, Hoxie is within one days truck drive to markets that serve over 80 million Americans. Hoxie has Two interstate interchanges within 1 mile of the Citys boundaries. Advanced communication systems, including BSC and Sudden Link owned broadband, global communication, excess capacity for water and wastewater services, and low cost electricity and sewer, gives business and industry a strategic advantage.

We encourage you to fully look at all the benefits that Hoxie has to offer. Our extensive website includes a wealth of information on the community from schools, churches and organizations to real estate, business and tourism information. Everything you want to know about Hoxie is at the touch of your fingertips or the click of a mouse. Enjoy your virtual tour of our community.

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